Alien or Allergic to Earth


            I'm reaching into cyber space to hear from fellow earth dwellers.  I'm begging for information, in the form of your experience, about an issue that's bothered my health since I can remember, and until now I could handle. 

            Blowing my nose and squinting through swollen eyes, I've grinned and bared it.  I functioned as a working mother of four while running through life whipping tissues from my pocket or handbag.  I've sneezed my way through most of the year, most of my life.  But allergies have sunk deeper roots into my body over the last few years.  Today, I long for those drippy days.

            Still in my forties, I thought I was aging on the inside earlier than most people.  I need a nap to get through the day.  As I move, my body is weighted by an unseen force.  Medical tests came up negative.  Continued fatigue and extreme thirst almost convinced me I was a hypochondriac.

            Recently my gums and jaw hurt so bad I rocked in pain.  I couldn't chew without hurting.  Drinking hot or cold beverages made me scream in agony.  A lump formed under the flesh of my lower lip.  The dentist gave me a clean bill of health and suggested seeing an ENT specialist. 

            These new symptoms caused my imagination to conjure up a health issue yet unknown to medicine.  I could understand if my throat swelled shut or I had trouble breathing, but these weren't the case.  Oral and nasal medications have no effect or make me feel worse.  I considered depression at one point.  The ENT specialist mentioned that cronically feeling lousy could sink a person into depression.  He suggested allergy testing.  But I needed relief righ away.

            For years I owned a neti pot, but couldn't believe something so simple could help me.  It grossed me out just reading the instructions.  I hate when ocean water goes up my nose.  The sensation bothered me so much as a kid that I had avoided salt water near my face.

            Two week ago, in painful desperation, I used the strange little pot that reminds me of Aladin's magical lamp.  The pressure in my mouth and face subsided.  The neti pot had mystical powers too.  The temporary relief was euphoric.  For good measure, I chased this sinus experience with an over-the-counter pain reliever. 

            I posted my neti pot results on Facebook.  The response comforted me to know I'm not an alien having trouble surviving Earth's atmosphere, or a hypochondriac.  Renee Ericson, author of "Forgetting Yesterday" "After Tuesday" and her latest book coming out this summer, "Deciding Tomorrow," is a fellow sufferer and confirmed my situation as similar to hers.  Pete Curran who works at New York Life Insurance also uses saline solution to alleviate symptoms.  So I'm in good company and not crazy or on the wrong planet.

            After allergy testing, the results floored me.  Shall I list what I'm allergic to?  Just skim the following to save time:



Aspergillus Fumigatus

Helm Solani



Mucor Racemosus

Rhizopus Nigricans

Botrytis Cinerea

Phoma Betae



American Cockroach



Dog Dander

Cat Hair

Goose Feathers



D. Farinae

D. Pteronyssinus







English Plantain

Lambs Quarter





Ash Mix

Oak Mix

Maple Mix


Willow (black)


Mulberry (red)

Pine Mix


            And I have yet to be tested for food allergies.

            Allergic to everything under the sun and in the house, my only hope is allergy shots that take three years to build immunities in my body. I never realized environmental allergies could be so difficult to control.  

            A nurse friend I used to work with told me she never had allergies before she moved to New Jersey.  This and her lovely New England accent made me want to move to that area. 

            This is where you come in.  I'm hoping for information about environmental allergies and how those suffering with them cope.  I feel my quality of life could be better.  My fear is that three years of allergy shots may prove unsuccessful.  I've heard this is possible from other sufferers. 

            I want to feel my age before I reach that age where it's more natural to often feel sluggish.  Heaven help me if I need dentures.


             Since writing this post, I've found out that the lump in my gum was an infection in my tooth.  I'm disappointed that my dentist didn't see this.  I'm still getting allergy shots and seem to be doing well.  So glad I went to the ENT.




  1. Sadly, many of us suffer from allergies. I am allergic to so many things it makes my head spin. I see you are in the same category. My coping mechanisms is to have an air purifier in my bedroom on 24/7 with the door closed during the day to help keep the room as allergy free as I can handle. This gives me a pretty allergy free environment to sleep in at night, and give my body time to reset before the allergies hit first thing in the morning. I also wash my bed sheets a lot. It has gotten to the point where I change them every day, if not every other day. The dust mites in them are a killer, dog hair (surprisingly not allergic to dogs), pollens that the dogs bring in, and general dust. It is expensive for the washer and dryer, but I figure it is a tradeoff for better life quality.
    I also try to eliminate most of the perfume based items in my house (which you would be surprised how many there are in our world). I also went to fresh made herbs in an aero garden. The reason is that even herbs have perfumes in them. It blew me away when I found that out. One of my big triggers is perfumes.
    Another thing is to clean the house at least once a week really well, and then throw those close in the washing machine, set off the purifiers, and take a shower to scrub off all the allergies. It makes me miserable for that one day, but helps make the rest of the week almost normal.
    Lastly, I am on two different allergy medications. I take these in the morning so they can time release throughout the day. I am told that this can make you sleepy, but with my ADD medication, it pretty much balances everything out. I also ensure the inhaler is nearby for the triggers, AKA idiots who bathe in their perfume, pollen blowing into my face, a dusty friend’s house.
    I will say that over the last 10 years, my allergies have gotten worse, and I think that is due to the climate I live in. Florida, prior Guam and Hawaii, are all horrible areas for allergic. There is no down time for the pollen counts and people wear a lot of perfume to hide sweat odor.
    I am keenly interested in how affective these allergy shots are. It would be heaven not to have to worry about having an Asthma attack from triggers, and not to have this intense detox weekly. Please let me know the feedback you get on this.

  2. Thank you, Cecelia for your helpful comment. I'll let you know how the shots go. It'll take months or longer maybe. I hope not three years.

  3. When I worked at the Academy, I had to get three needles every week and all this allergy medicine because I'm highly allergic to mold, and a list of other things. I want to try the pot, but I can't bring myself to use it

  4. Do you have a neti pot, Marie? Great holistic help.

  5. Wow, that is quite a list. I hope you find some relief soon.

  6. I've battled allergies all my life. Over the years I've tried every medication on the market. I've also used various nasal sprays and got allergy shots for a number of years.
    I'M NOT A TRAINED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. With that disclaimer, here are the things that help me.
    1) It sounds trite, but keeping a clean house made a significant difference with my sinuses. Especially pay close attention to the items in your bedroom. Make sure you dust off nick-nacks, bureaus, shelves, etc. An allergist once described the bedroom as the “unhealthiest room in the house” in terms of allergens. I noticed when I dusted and vacuumed my bedroom every week, I didn't feel as congested. I also change my sheets at least once a month. Hypoallergenic pillows can help as well.
    2) A number of people have told me that sweating helps to break up congestion. Fitness experts suggest running for 20 minutes twice a week. When I run I don’t feel as clogged up. One has to be careful that one is simply congested and not suffering from an upper respiratory infection before running. That will lead to strep throat. Of course, waiting until the first 100 degree day of the year to take up running will probably lead to health issues much worse than allergies.
    3) Another thing that helps is eating Pho Thai, the Vietnamese noodle soup. Whenever I get a big bowl and put some Thai peppers in it, my sinuses clear right up. Between the steam from the soup and the heat of the peppers, I can smell things that don’t even exist, yet. Of course if you’re suffering from ulcers, the Thai pepper thing probably isn’t the best idea.
    As always, check with a doctor and see what (s)he says. I HAVE NO MEDICAL TRAINING. Mention your current medical conditions before starting an exercise or diet program.
    I hope some of this helps.

  7. Thanks, Kevin. You've inspired me to dust my bedroom. And when are we going for Pho Thai? Seriously, I'm grateful for the information.


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