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   Marie Gilbert, my friend, fellow writer and cohort chats with me about everything.  She agreed to a blog interview so I can share her amazing personality and interests with you.  Oh, and she's also just published a book.
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Dawn:  You've enlightened me about zombies in that the idea of the undead symbolize something possible in reality.  Could you explain a little about this?


Marie:  I love writing about zombies because I believe they represent us for several reasons. I sometimes feel that people believe what they read or hear in the news without checking out the facts. We are letting other people do our thinking for us. Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it true. Anyone can put a spin on a story to make it look interesting, but we should check it out and when we don’t, we’re no better than a mindless zombie.

            We are what we eat. We are eating food that is bad for us. There is no getting around this. It was proven that the tobacco companies put addictive chemicals into cigarettes to get people hooked, and now, companies are doing this with our food, especially with processed food. I have an overly active imagination and I asked myself, “What if the government could control our minds via chemicals added to our food?”  Is it possible? The meats we buy already have hormones and antibiotics added; the next step would be so easy. This was one of the ways that ‘The Leader’ in my book, Roof Oasis, created his army of mindless slaves.

            I do a lot of research before writing a story. I’ve become very involved with organizations that are trying to make people aware of the consequences of pollution, fracking, GMO’s and how these things have an effect on living organisms. I’m a big fan of NASA and Space X and believe that life does exist on other worlds. In my book, I use a wormhole for Razhep to travel to our world. Is this possible? Why not? NASA is already planning for ‘faster than light’ space travel. I think we will see this sometime in the future.


Dawn:  When is the second book in your trilogy due out?  Your final book in this series?


Marie:  I’m hoping to get the second book of the series, Saving Solanda, out by next summer and then jump into the third and maybe fourth book of the series. I’m also hoping to get my Life with Fred and Lucy stories published within the next two years. I’ve accumulated a lot of fans from South Philadelphia, and surprisingly, from around the world that not only love reading the adventures of my dysfunctional family, but also tell me that my stories remind them of their childhood. I’m also working on a ghost story based on one of my investigations and a story about vampires.


Dawn:  You're the South Jersey's Writers' Group's promotional person organizing book signings for the groups' anthologies, "Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey" and "Reading Glasses."  You also promote other authors' works from this group.  How does it feel to have a book of your own to promote after two years of promoting the group and others works?

Forgot to post this:  
Sunday Marie Gilbert, Ava Jordanna Easterby and I were at Rosemont College for their book festival.  Lovely day and beautiful grounds.  Only sold one book, but met plenty other writers and small business owners.  Thanks to Ava  for driving.  Marie, you're the best.

Marie:  This past year has been one hell of an adventure that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’ve had so much fun promoting via blogs and book signings. Dawn Byrne and I travel all over the place doing book signings, and because of these trips, we have met some amazing people; some alive some not. Poor Dawn has had to suffer through my impromptu investigation on several of our outings, but that’s okay, Dawn still likes me and we haven’t taken home any unwanted guests.

            I’ve done several interviews for the South Jersey Writers Blog on the members of our group and also on the coffee shops and book stores that allowed us to do a book signing. People began to hear about our group and the group has grown since our anthologies were published.

Through my connections with Steampunk and ghost investigations, I’ve made many friends and have done many interviews, some for my blog and some for Biff Bam Pop, a pop culture website extraordinaire   I love writing for Biff Bam Pop and working for Andy Burns was instrumental in my growth as a writer.

            This past year, I had the pleasure of interviewing Film Director, Chris Eilenstine for the independent film, The Soulless.  We became friends and I was invited to the private screening and the premier of the film, which I wrote about for Biff Bam Pop. Chris had ordered Roof Oasis from Amazon and was so pleased with my book, that he asked me to be part of his writing team that will be writing the bible for the television series. I am so excited.

            I love interviewing people. I want to learn about them and their work, and I want to know what inspires them to reach for the stars. But, when it comes to me being asked the questions, I freeze. I’m fine talking about me in the Fred and Lucy Episodes, or when I’m explaining what goes on during an investigation, but to be out in the open for an interview feels strange. I’ll have to get used to this.

            Thank you Dawn for taking the time to interview me and asking where I got my inspiration for Roof Oasis, my apocalyptic tale with a twist. Dawn and I will be out and about promoting the South Jersey Writers’ Group, Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey, Reading Glasses and Roof Oasis. Come up and say hello to us.


Dawn:  Thank you, Marie, for sharing your fun and informative self with us.  I love going on the road with you and meeting more people than meets my eyes.

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  1. Dawn, you are a true angel for getting the blog tour for my book started. I have a feeling I might have to thank the group's patron saint for this. Glenn? Love you and all my friends in the South Jersey Writers' Group

    1. Marie, it's not a tour. I can't do tours, but Glenn (my mentor) is always encouraging me to push myself beyond my comfort zone. This is my first interview. You made it so easy. I had Kevin and Loretta jump in to make me look good.

    2. Thank you Dawn for helping me with my book. Love you.

  2. Marie is a very interesting person and an outstanding subject for an interview. Thanks for posting. I liked your intelligent thoughtful questions, as well.


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