Closet Reminder

Gifts from an older year of celebrations pleasantly haunt my closet. In the midst of New Year cleaning, I tossed each of the above into a pile on the bed, as I pulled them from the clutter. Remembering the year they arrived, it hit me how the love of my children and husband are reflected in them. Given to me at a time when I especially suffered from anxiety, my family’s support spoke to me in those stress relieving gifts. My children’s and husband’s quiet presence alongside me then, as we lived together and apart, made those fuzzy, massaging, lavender scented aids unnecessary. I’m more grateful today for these gifts. They remind me of my family’s consistency, and their assurance that my health and happiness was worth their time.
Happy New Year  



  1. When I walked into your house. I knew I was never walkin out. Lover's forever face to face.


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