Ending Immunotherapy

At my final visit to the allergist, I was told I may come an additional 6 months to continue allergy shots. That’s what I was told 6 months of shots earlier. Uncle. I give up. I’ve completed 3½ years of allergy shots for seasonal and pet allergies. This is my fifth post during my time of immunotherapy. Symptoms haven’t subsided much since beginning the therapy. Was my faithful bi-weekly and then weekly shot visits a waste of time? Maybe not.

My ENT had explained that since it’s not clear what I’m reacting to, besides the allergens I tested positive for, the procedure is process of elimination. That is, get shots for the things I tested positive for until my body becomes immune to them. Then, if I’m still reacting, more testing for additional allergies. Since getting the shots, the list of things I’m allergic to, on that original list of allergens that I had a skin test for, has shrunk. Will 6 more months of shots immunize me completely? Should I begin testing for other possible allergies, and begin afresh with years of shots? Again, Uncle.

Recently I noticed atmospheric pressure bothers my sinuses. I get more tired, sometime dizzy, nauseated, and have difficulty focusing. Maybe because I now react to less allergens, I’ve been able to deduce this. My doctor can’t, of course, control the weather. So I’m back to square one with over the counter medications.

As I posted before, except when the air pressure is on, and the pollen count is high, my sense of smell has become keener. Another plus for going through the years of shots?

I ended immunotherapy with questions for my ENT. Why did I still experience fatigue? My doctor suggested the same blood work I had gone through before starting therapy. I didn’t see why any new diagnosis would help with an issue I’ve had since before therapy.

Next question: Why do my eyes get red and gooey when I wear eye makeup? I’ve found an organic brand that I don’t react to, but it’s oily and fades quickly. My ENT suggested consulting an eye doctor. I expected him to offer another skin test and shots. I really like wearing eye shadow.

Now I spray Flonase up my nose, use eye drops for my dry, itchy eyes, and take Sudafed. When these don’t work, I break through with Zyrtec. One drop of alcohol in each ear when they begin to itch, staves off a brewing ear infection. My neti pot is a must during soaring pollen count days. High maintenance? Yes, but I haven’t lost time recovering from an ear or sinus infection in a few years. So, again, my immunotherapy results may not have been what I wanted from the start, but I’m more educated about my issues.

Fatigue still haunts me. I limit driving and computer time because my dry, tired eyes, even without using eye makeup, adds to the fatigue. My goal to improve my quality of life will continue with a trip to my eye doctor.      



  1. Instead of organic (though that is probably healthier) have you tried hypoallergenic varieties of make-up? Unfortunately I have always found allergies to be a battle of attrition, for me and my dogs, with us on the losing end. Even though it wasn't all you were wishing, the benefits of a better sense of smell and not getting sick are due to your diligence with your therapy.

    1. Thank you, Erika. I have tried hypoallergenic make-up. But not for a while. If my body has changed, then maybe they will be okay for me now, even though they weren't before.


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