Juliette Writers' Group Meeting

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow by db King

Starting Guide to Writing

September 18th @ 7:30 pm
1311 Nixon Dr.
Moorestown, NJ

Novice writers will benefit from published and unpublished members as we share tips and suggestions as to where to, and where not to, start your writing endeavors. 



  1. Hi Dawn!
    I hope you had a good summer. I've shared your Juliette Writers' meeting online and will try to attend. It's not a neck of the woods I'm familiar with. Time to get out the GPS.

    I'm also doing a writing workshop at the Maple Shade Library THIS Thursday, September 13, 2018, at 6 p.m. entitled Creating a Logical World for story. If you are free, I'd love to see you there. Bring a friend. Thanks for all you do to assist your fellow writer.

  2. Hi Victoria, I have your workshop on my calendar. Thank you for sharing about the Juliette Writers' Group meeting. And thank you for all you do.


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