Everyman's Wonderful Life


I’m married to George Bailey, the fictional character played by James Stewart in the 1947 movie It’s A Wonderful Life. My goal this holiday season is to read the short story The Greatest Gift by Philip Van Doren Stern, published in 1943, on which this movie was based. Maybe you too identify with the Everyman character of George Bailey and his seemingly simple life.

Like the Baileys, hubby and I bought an old, drafty, handyman’s special house surrounded by family living in the same town. Instead of the depression era, hubby and I were young adults during the ‘80s recession. We also populated our home with four children and are still making original home repairs after living here for over 30 years. We’re lacking the loose newel post, though.

Hubby calls me Mary Bailey, and jokes that if he never was born, I’d be an old maid working at the public library. No children, no grandchildren, no rustic old home, no anxious husband who works too much and stresses during the holidays. Surely, no wonderful life. I don’t need George's guardian angel, Clarence Odbody, to show me hubby is probably right.

My George is also hearing challenged. And he may not build homes for a living, but he feeds the homeless during his lunch break at work. What I love the most about my George is that he too is spiritual in a down-to-earth way that’s honest and sincere.

It’s A Wonderful Life is our favorite movie to quote dialogue from, since personal situations remind us of this story more than any other. Re-watching this timeless movie reminds me we’re not the only ones who struggle in spite of working hard and trying our best without cutting corners in our moral compass. Yet, during especially difficult times, it’s human to identify with George’s consideration that his family would be better off with money from his life insurance policy than with him. So, when I saw the plaque pictured above at a fair, I bought all three in stock as gifts for George and family who also admire this classic.

We’re in good company with other real-life Baileys in America whose actions start reactions to beneficial results, and don’t know it.

Happy holidays Everyone.





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