Taurus Taps


            Not just a tap, as you can see, the car never had a chance.  A truck hit it, but I suffered no alignment damage or crushed frame.  Like a stunt woman in movies I don't like to view, my car spun on ice until it faced the vehicle that impacted it.  Another first: facing north in a southbound lane, nose-to-nose with the truck that should be behind me.

            Poor Taurus.  You served us well.  Even now in your deformity, you kick over and labor forward.  But no.  You must rest now, as we harvest your still beating innards to give automotive life to other Tauruses, even those who've outlived your years.  This is more dignified than resurrecting you as a Frankenstein's monster car with stitched skeleton and multi-colored panels.  Unlike the fiction, your compromised system is beyond endurance.  Your resurrection would be brief and more lethal. 

            We stripped you of your magnets, CDs, Ezpass, camping chairs and other trunk contents.  And yes, even the simple wooden cross that hung from the rearview mirror as I watched in horror the truck bearing down on us.  You may keep the Mickey Mouse head antenna decoration fashioned into a soccer ball that has weathered into a ping-pong ball.  I no longer need it to help me find you among the other blue Tauruses parked in the ShopRite parking lot.  I will nevermore seek your comfortable, dependable body from other similar makes and models.

            Our family mourns your youth, low mileage and neat upholstery.  We can't replace those.  Our brightest hope is another used Taurus whose previous family hasn't abused it.

            In the end, all is rust.  And to rust and the graveyard all Tauruses must go.        





  1. I will miss you old friend. You served the SJWG Super D and Super G without regards for your own safety.

  2. Thanks, Marie. We're looking for a replacement. It's taking longer than we thought.

  3. I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your vehicle. I thought your story read more like a eulogy than a blog post. While the content saddened me, I found it very well written.

    A few years ago I bought a foreign car because I liked the safety features. Looking at this picture, I'm thinking I'll be going back to a domestic vehicle with my next purchase. Thanks for restoring my faith in the American auto industry, Dawn!

  4. R.I.P.Taurus, That's so sad.


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