Throwback Honeymoon

Pink Clouds over Downtown

Like others on social media sharing creative ideas and thoughts, Hubby and I continue to pluck any unique pearl from our present situation. Peering on the shiny side, lemons into orangeade, a stiff mask-covered upper lip. 

Hubby suggested sheltering in place resembles our decades-ago honeymoon. I’d been noodling along the same wavelength. Each of us are living the nostalgic scenario.

After our wedding, Hubby and I sheltered in place for a week, not inviting anyone into our home. The second-floor row house apartment had no balcony or access to a yard, fire escape or even a front step to lounge on. But it was privacy heaven, our first place to ourselves after moving from our parents’ homes. We stayed safe, closed off from society’s contagion on our naïve optimism. No worries about what we wore during that week of self-quarantine. Especially since take-out was our only special dining option.

We had no children or grandchildren then. This time warp is cementing me in a cloud of denial—not missing hugs from our adult children, or little feet padding over wood floors, or small hands rearranging décor. These things aren’t possible. One can’t miss what one hasn’t experienced.

Hubby and I are young again. What will our future children look like? Who will they grow to be? Will we live to meet grandchildren? In my cloud, I’m not impatient for this, since we are just beginning our life together. Hubby does home projects to keep fit and focused. I’m improving my tech skills. It’s like we’re starting again in a bigger space with proper tools.

Things are so simple with only the two of us. Occasionally I feel the quiet weeks lacking an invisible element. But, anticipation of things to come intensifies. Even as we mire ourselves in watching re-runs and hearing the other say what’s on both our minds.

At the end of this extended honeymoon, and out of denial, we’ll celebrate with a return-to-reality reception. And, poof instant family.



  1. Great story my quarantine Queen.

  2. Nuts! Most days, I wish it was only me and Bill. One of my daughters lives in town and another one lives with us. We have not had peace for 36 years. All best to you, Dawn!

    1. Our children live near us too. I don't mind when they visit, although lately it's outside and distanced. Seeing my grandchildren and not being able to hug and kiss them is hard. But, yeah, the peace!

  3. But still, you don't have someone running into your room in the morning to say "Good Morning!" Every day.

    I know. I am truly blessed. But my daughter Marie is always around me since she's still not back at work yet. Sometimes...I just want to be by myself.

    All best to you and your husband. Enjoy your summer!

    1. I do realize how fortunate I am. All the best to you too!


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